Skincare of your dreams 100% Mulberry silk

Skincare of your dreams 100% Mulberry silk

by Cosmetology with Elegance

•Did you know when you sleep on other materials such as cotton it absorbs all your creams, oils, hair products, etc, and creates bacteria and dirt for you to sleep on every night? Do you know silk does not absorb leaving you with a clean surface every night to lay on?

•Silk has an anti-allergenic effect as it does not collect dust mites.

•Because silk is so soft unlike other materials to sleep on it helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles because it is not ruff on the skin. We get 'crush wrinkles' from sleeping on our side/face, so we can reduce those when sleeping on silk.

•Sleeping on silk helps not only with your skin, but your hair it causes fewer split ends.

• Keeps skin hydrated, with its non-absorbing effect.

•Sleeping on the cool surface of silk reduces irradiation from heat and sweat. It can help reduce acne.